Solar Energy

We live daily in contact with the most expressive energy source of our planet: the Sun. Solar energy is the ideal alternative source, especially for some basic characteristics: it is abundant, permanent, renewable every day, does not pollute or damage the ecosystem and is free.

Do you know:

The Sun Produces In 1 Hour

The Energy That The Earth Spends For 1 Year?

Thermal Solar Panels have as main purpose the heating of sanitary waters. This type of system heats up to 80% of the hot water needs of a home economically, using only solar energy.

Photovoltaic Panels, increasingly used as a consequence of the strong global awareness of the environment, is an alternative to energy dependence. T&T provides and installs all the equipment with competitive prices and provides all technical support in the realization of works of any nature (minigeration, microgeneration, isolated systems).

Senergy Force modules are a modular solution built into the building structure, replacing facades, walls or roofs, which uses solar energy to heat pools, AQS, water, air, cooling and photovoltaic / electric energy simultaneously. It is an innovative and revolutionary passive air conditioning system, ensuring the indoor air quality of buildings.