Biomass Energy

The market for biomass solutions continues to grow, which is an economical, ecological, comfortable and complementary solution.

Pellets Solution

This solution presents itself as an excellent alternative, a source of renewable energy derived from a natural biological material, various forest residues.
The pellets are small cylinders of dry pressed wood with restricted and controlled values ​​of humidity, resin and water.
The salamanders from central heating to water are an ideal solution for the comfort of your home. These appliances can operate independently or interconnected with the other heating systems in your home.
Our salamanders can interconnect with a radio control that controls the time and temperature of your home, saving on your consumption and ensuring maximum comfort and convenience with an integrated system.

Firewood Solution

Central heating systems can operate autonomously or interconnected with other central heating systems (geothermal, aerothermal or solar). Water circulates in the heating circuit, such as radiators or underfloor heating, sanitary water heating, swimming pools, among others.
This equipment provides a cozy environment, similar to a traditional fireplace with fire in sight, allowing you to save on fuel consumption, increase your comfort and reduce CO2 emissions.