Electricity & ITED

T&T has at its disposal a range of complete solutions for the installation of electrical networks, from the project to the implementation, afterwards operation at maintenance.
The know-how and experience of our employees and partners allow us to offer customers the right solutions for each project, promoting a more efficient energy performance, saving energy and reducing the level of CO² emission. Optimized and efficient consumption contributes to greater energy efficiency.

It is in this sense that T&T projects its model of performance, realizing:
– Electrical installations for the use of low voltage;
– Telecommunications infrastructures;
– Fire extinguishing systems, safety and detection;
– Other mechanical and electromechanical installations.

T&T has specialized technicians and is recognized by the DGE, who are able to prepare technical opinions, tests and tests on the premises, so that possible failures can be detected before being inspected by the higher organisms (CERTIEL). In recognition of our commitment and quality policy, all of our works have been approved and licensed for exploitation.