Home automation & Security

Our products cover a wide range of market possibilities. Our goal is to simplify Domotics and make it reach all the rooms. Our limit is in your imagination!

Home automation

The home automation makes your home more comfortable, safer and more economic, simplifying the life of it’s habitants, allowing complete control of housing, security, lighting, blinds, curtains, swimming pools, watering, plugs, solar panels, gates, Home, appliances, etc.
Residential automation systems have a distributed “intelligence” capability and interaction with several sub-systems. The integration of all devices and their integrated control into a single interface, allows the user to manage, program, change and control devices whenever necessary, in a simple, effective and intuitive way by means of a touch console or smartphone.
You can control your home by scheduling various scenarios, controlling temperature, lighting, electrical devices, detecting intruders, monitoring alarms and more, allowing you to control gas and water leaks and reduce energy consumption, thanks to proper equipment management.

Security Systems

In the area of ​​security, we have a set of solutions integrated from the simple alarm against intrusion, theft and theft, fire and gas detection, CCTV systems, etc.
We offer solutions tailored to your needs, in your home or industry, allowing maximum comfort and security, thanks to the installation of permanent surveillance systems, identification of suspects, control of people and services, continuous recording of movements and sound, fire detection and leakage of water or gas, through monitoring and remote access.