HVAC Climatization

T&T leads in more efficient and economical comfort solutions. All residential, commercial and industrial products are seasonally efficient, reduce energy consumption and costs intelligently.

HVAC systems

The products we offer are recognized for energy efficiency and control capability thanks to the advanced inverter system, which reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to non-inverter units.

Heat Pump

The new generation of heat pumps offers higher performance, more economy and easy installation, also ensuring lower costs and greater power optimization at lower outdoor temperatures.

Underfloor Heating

We are representatives of Magnum at the Iberian level and we market the best solutions in the invisible air conditioning market. Radiant floor heats and refreshes your home maximizing your comfort.

Passive Air Conditioning Solutions

Passive air conditioning allows to reuse and conserve energy with high gains in energy efficiency, improving the energy rating of the building and reducing energy consumption up to 85% compared to conventional systems.