The presentation of the CPS – Portuguese sustainability Center was carried out on 22 December, through an exhibition and a descriptive visit of all the innovative systems that are part of the building, followed by a lunch.
This event was intended to show the results of the energy balance after 1 year of monitoring, but also to reinforce the launch of the SEnergy Force modules, soon in our market.
We thank all the participants, who for their presence, have made this day so special:
Arqª Marlene Maia e Prof. Victor Ferreira (Cluster Habitat Sustentável)
Drª Isabel Cabrita (DGEG)
Engº José Caldeira (ANI)
Prof. Silva Afonso e Engª Carla Rodrigues (ANQIP)
Drª Francisca Peixoto e Drª Helena Silva (AIRV)
Arqº José Corte Real e Arqª Filipa Corte Real (FISPLAN)
Engº Paulo Antunes (CM-OFrades)
Prof. Coutinho e Engª Elisabete Henriques (CM-SVouga)
Engº Rui Ladeira (CM-Vouzela)
Engº Nuno Carvalho (CM-Viseu)
Luís Gomes (Levira)
Engº Ávila Sousa (Giptec)
Francisco Bastos (Indelague)
João Lima (Roth)

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